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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Recomendation "Los Cafres"

Los Cafres are an argentinean band from buenos aires. they formed in 1987 and continue to make good reggae en espanol to this day. my favorite los cafres song is "suena la alarma" from their fourth album "suena la alarma" they use their brass instruments perfectly to have a smooth sound that will get you hooked form the minute you listen to any of their songs. they have a soft and very soulful sound that reminds me somewhat of laurel Aiken and all that skinhead reggae from trojan records circa 1969. now that's just an opinion because i am not a reggae expert in any way shape or form. if you like bands like gondwana, los pericos, nonpalidece, or just enjoy reggae in general you will find this band irresistible.

here's a video of one of their singles from their 2007 album "barrilete". the song is called "bastara".
web page:http://www.loscafres.net/
if you like their music, you can download their album "barrilete" from this blog



  1. Good band, my friend... that root ska sounds like tokio ska paradise in their early years.

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to discovering other music on your blog! Thanks for visiting my blog too. ;)