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Thursday, June 16, 2011


         " EL GENIO EQUIVOCADO" is a record company from barcelona. they have been in the indie bussiness for a while now, but i do not know much of their history 'coz i recently found out about them. i found this record company by accident one day i was watching a " BEST COAST" video and found that one of the suggested videos was of a band called "MONTEVIDEO". after watching a couple of montevideo videos i did some research about the band but couldn't find a bandpage, so i decided to go to the webpage of the record company listed on one of their videos. that was a very lucky move on my behalf because thanks to that i was able to discover a couple of bands signed by this record company that really have blown me away. i will post a brief description of all of them along with a video.

MONTEVIDEO: they are from barcelona and sing in spannish. they play a very soft indie rock that reminds me a little bit of "BANDA DE TURISTAS" from argentina vey thoughtful and somehow direct. if you like bands such as: Best Coast, Banda de Turistas, and indie rock in general you will like them. i will post a video of the song "saldremos de esta" ,which is my personal favorite, from the album "vertigo y euforia". you can download their promo here: download

ODIO PARIS: this band is also from barcelona; they are fairly new as they have been playing only for the past 4 years or so. however, they have a very promising future because their sound is unparalleled in the spanish speaking world. i cannot mention a single band that plays Spanish indie rock that come close to them. they play a type of very chilled surf dreampop that sounds like a mix between my bloody valentine and the beach boys (pet sounds) with some sonic youth thrown in there too. their first album is fantastic, and you can order it from "el genio equivocado webpage" i will post a link to the site at the end of the post. anyways you can download their demo form HERE.  and also here's a video i found on youtube of one of their songs from their new album. the song is called " cuando nadie pone un disco"

WIGGUM:this is a band also from barcelona. they play a kind of indie pop that incorporates 60's rock. they remind me of all those popular artists from the 60's from the beatles and the beach boys to the rolling stones.
they have enough pop in their music to make them sound mellow. however, the indie rock parts are very noticeable. if you like Montevideo, the beach boys, and beach fossils, do not miss this band. here's a video of their song called "la chica imaginaria"

AIAS: they are band from barcelona also. they play surf/indie pop that sounds very similar to vivian girls, best coast, beach fossils, and all those surfy bands very popular now a days. however, they have enough identity to distance themselves from those bands. they sing in catalan, which is the other official language of the city of barcelona; this in itself is a plus because you will not find many bands that sing in that language, i bet this is the first one ha!. their sound like i mentioned before is similar to vivian girls and best coast, but they have more melody in them then the groups previously mentioned. here's a video of their song " tu manes"

if you find a place where you can download any of their demos please let me know i would appreciated.

JOAQUIN PASCUAL: he's also singned to el genio equivocado records. his style is very unique because he plays everything from surf rock to acoustic to indie to just plain pop. if you like bands such as crystal stilts, dum dum girls, and jacuzzi boys you'll probably like him too. here's a video of one of his songs called "jugando al escondite"

anyways there are more cool bands signed by el genio equivocado. you can visit their web page : HERE

thanks for reading, please leave me a comment to let me know any recommendations or just to say how much you like or dislike these bands


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