"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain"
-Bob Marley-

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-Bill Shankly-

"A film is a petrified fountain of thought
-Jean Cocteau-

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


        hello dear readers it's been a while since i have not posted anything new. i apologize for that. anyway i've  have been thinking about making a post about a bunch of bands that i like but that don't have much in common among them, except maybe for influences and lyrical content until a found a term online that puts bands like the gaslight anthem and alkaline trio in the same category with leatherface and dillinger four. This musical style is called ORGCORE. the term started as a joke on the punknews.org forums to group together bands that didn't fit into any punk scene due to different reasons such as poetic lyrics, complex guitar work, and no particular dressing code, etc. this bands have their base in Gainsville Florida, home of NO IDEA RECORDS, i have talked to some of the fans of this fairly new scene and found that they are as hard to group into one category as ORGCORE itself is. some wear cowboy shirts and shorts while others sport soccer jerseys.therefore, they create a very unique scene of their own where music is above looks, which is something very hard to find in this day and age. anyways if you liked the short description about the movement you can get more information about it on these sites. your scene sucks, urban dictionary, and punknews. i know these refernces are vague at best but like i said this moment is fairly new here are a group of bands that are very influential to the movement.

LEATHERFACE: this is a very inovative band from Sunderland, uk. They mix american folk music with hardcore and post-hardcore with some touches of blues. they are the founding fathers of  orgcore. They started in 1988 (about 20 years before the term was first used) they have influenced every single one of the bands that carry the orgcore tag today from hot water music to the saint catherines. their lyrics are full of energy and melancholy; they often make references in their lyrics to everything from dreams and allusions to the love of the singer for AFC SUNDERLAND, their local football club.they are the true pioneers of the orgcore movement and my personal favorites.  anyways here are two songs that i truly enjoy from this band.

Little White God from their 1993 album "the last"
I Want the Moon from their best album to date "Mush"

the next band from this movement that i am going to recommend is HOT WATER MUSIC this is arguably the second most influential band in the movement and highly influential alternative hardcore punk musicians. they started in 1993 and have had several break-ups and reunions ever since, the most recent being
in 2008. they are from Gainsville, Florida. However, nowadays you can find them touring all over the world. you can find more info about the band here  here's a video of their song paper thin.

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM:  this band is probably the most successful orgcore act so far, they have played with Bruce Springsteen, toured the world, and found success with their second album "the '59 sound" although i prefer their first album " sink or swim" which you can get for free here
they hail from new jersey and have that characteristic jersey sound very raw but nostalgic at the same time. they play everything from blues to cow punk with some influence of Bruce Springsteen.  anyways since i don't feel like putting a huge description of this excellent band i'll leave the job of researching about the band to my readers you can find info about them at their web page which is here

here's video of their song " I'da called you woody joe" from their "sink or swim" album

here's a video of what is probably their most succesful song to date "the '59 sound" from the album "the '59 sound"
so there you go this are the three bands from the orgcore movent that have achieved some succes with their music and are probably the most well-known orgcore bands today. i know that i left out other highly influential bands such as ALKALINE TRIO, THE BOUNCING SOULS, POLAR BEAR CLUB, THE WEAKERTHANS,ETC. but like i said at the beginning the fact that these bands are orgcore can be disputable since the movent is fairly new. Not very many bands want to carry the burden of being associated with orgcore or with any other branch of alternative punk.

please pardon my poor spelling and punctuation. please any sugestions or proofreading will be welcomed. thanks